The HackerOne platforms (which has more than 300,000 hackers) top spot hacker is Santiago Lopez, a 19-year old Argentinian researcher which goes by the handle “@try_to_hack”. He is the first to surpass $1 million in bounty awards. According to the Threat Post news Article:


“The Argentinian researcher, whose real name is Santiago Lopez, started reporting security weaknesses to companies in 2015 on HackerOne, when he was 16. According to the platform, he has since reported over 1,600 security flaws to a range of companies, including Twitter and Verizon Media Company, as well as private corporate and government initiatives.


“I do not have enough words to describe how happy I am to become the first hacker to reach this landmark,” Lopez said in a media statement. “I am incredibly proud to see that my work is recognized and valued. To me, this achievement represents that companies and the people that trust them are becoming more secure than they were before, and that is incredible. This is what motivates me to continue to push myself and inspires me to get my hacking to the next level.”


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