A New Type Of Malware

You have by now noticed the continued news about cyber attacks on businesses, governments and individuals across the globe. The attacks and consequences vary, from stolen identities, to forged documents or encrypted files. Depending upon the ultimate motives of the attacking cyber criminal, your passwords, usernames, personal data or business network can be completely compromised.

In the attached article, a new type of malware (malicious software), can infect your computer simply from clicking on a banner ad within an infected web site. By using sophisticated techniques to hide within the pixels of the banner, the ultimate consequence can be stolen credentials (passwords), key logging, file theft and ransomware. Ransomware is the encryption of your files on a workstation or across your entire network. Ransomware is extortion and requires a payment to the cyber attackers to decrypt your files. It has generated profits in the 100’s of millions of dollars in the last several years.

It might get technical at times, but the following article is an interesting read:


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